Sunday, December 4, 2011

Massage and Video

Number of massages I have gotten in my life: 0
Number of massages River has gotten: 1

River mostly enjoyed his massage. He was a little confused about this strange person touching and poking him but got over it pretty quickly. He is such a gentleman. He didn't like the knots and sore spots being worked, but his way of letting his masseuse know was to turn and look at her like "um, hey, you know that hurts, right?" No pinned ears, no snapping, no threatening, just polite concern. I'm not sure whether he's just naturally nonconfrontational, or if he's been taught not to complain. Either way, he's a very good boy.

Since my friend was already out massaging, I enlisted her help to get video. She jogged him while I recorded:


Yep, that's the trot that sealed the deal.

We also did a couple of conformation shots... River didn't want to hold still, so they didn't turn out very well.

He's much better looking in person, honest.

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