Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guess what!

River's legs are normal! My BO and I think it's largely because it warmed up and the ground is no longer frozen, making it easier for him to move around. Of course, it's currently 18 degrees out (after being in the high 50s on Thursday), so everything is freezing again. On the bright side, that means no more mud! Keep your fingers crossed that River's legs stay normal!

A couple nights ago, Riv and I had a frank discussion about boundaries. He gets a bit too enthusiastic when he sees me coming with his grain and doesn't want mealtime to end. The other night I was opening the gate to leave after he'd finished eating and he refused to leave me and the bucket alone, and then had the nerve to pin his ears when I smacked him, which of course meant he got yelled at again for daring to be rude to me. He got the point and minded his manners after that.

Two of River's favorite things: Food and mud.

River has also completely gotten over his fear of the mares. Instead of running from them, he runs them off if they get too close while he's eating. Silly boy, that's not how you impress a lady!

He has such an adorably dopey face.

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